Reimbursement Pathways is dedicated to addressing real-world
issues facing healthcare providers through simple solutions.

Reimbursement Pathways provides reimbursement consulting services to healthcare providers (health systems and physicians) in the areas of payer contract evaluation, management, performance, and negotiations based on the following 4-step process:

1. Value Story

We help you define your “value” in the market, your “value story”. If one already exists, we will evaluate the data you have available and propose recommendations for improvement. If one does not exist, we will create one for you.

2. Payer Portfolio Analysis

We prepare a payer portfolio analysis. This is a benchmarking analysis of your top 3-5 (or all) commercial payers’ payment rates to Medicare, or another viable source. This analysis highlights opportunities to improve payment levels and inform the development of payer specific proposals for rate increases.

3. Negotiation Strategy

We then develop and execute a negotiation strategy based on proven negotiation principles. We turn the tables and secure the payment levels that you deserve.

4. Audit of Payer Contract Management Activities

We perform an audit of your payer contract management activities through the contract lifecycle using industry best practice methodologies and approaches. Areas of focus include contract analytics, claim audits, denials and contract management (i.e. operational processes), contract language, fee schedules or rate structures, value programs, etc.

Through this approach, our team helps you achieve your greatest financial success from your most important asset: payer contracts.

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