Case Studies

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Small, Independent Hematology and Oncology Practice Improves Operations and Reimbursements to Remain Independent

A small, three-physician hematology and oncology practice faced being absorbed by a health system or closing their practice. The practice was failing to keep up with changes in the healthcare industry.

Negligence and mismanaged contracts were causing operations to suffer and allowing for missed opportunities for revenue growth.

Independent GI group gains $300,000 increase in additional revenue from fee-for-service revenue within first month

An independent GI group with 20 physicians had a relative lock on the local GI marketplace. The practice stopped measuring performance because the competition was limited which caused them to slip into a comfort zone.

As a result, revenue was stagnant, and the practice was missing out on significant revenue enhancement opportunities.

Independent Specialty Practice Updates Out-of-Date Payer Contracts to Earn Increased Reimbursements

An independent specialty group with 16 physicians had not updated payer contracts for several years due to persisting fear from past scrutiny. The specialty group provided new services which required new payer contracts and forced the practice to review existing payer contracts. The practice utilized professional help from Reimbursement Pathways because of heightened and continued sensitivity remaining from their experience with an outside entity.

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